Overcoming that Plateau


I’ve been running for 7 months now mainly running 5 and 10km races. I would like to achieve sub 20min for 5kms. I’m stuck on 23.30 minutes and don’t seem to be moving forward. What can I do?


You seem to have hit a plateau, possibly you have been doing the same training over and over. If your body gets used to the training that you are doing then it will stop adapting and progress no further. There are a few things that may help you to get over this plateau.
Your training needs to change and there should be some new types of workouts incorporated into your training. In saying that, you should not add new things on top of your training, but rather replace currently existing runs. If you want training sessions to be added on top of your existing training, I recommend asking your coach to strategically add them in the correct places to avoid over training and injury.
The types of workouts that can be added:
Track work – Get onto the track and do some speed work, there are several types of workouts that will help you break through your barriers.
Hill Repeats – Get onto the hills and do hill repeats.
Strength work – Add strength work to your training, first just body weight exercises and then add weights.
Weekend long easy run – Add a weekend long easy run to your training.
Important notes: Don’t just add this to your training, balance is very important. Your weekly mileage and structure must be taken into account before putting these workouts into your plan.
If the correct balance is struck, you will achieve your 20 min and likely even faster.
If you need expert guidance please consider signing up for coaching.

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