During Covid 19, should your running be Covert?

Well… some of it. Only because it’s for your own safety and the safety of those you come into contact with.

Lets get into it then…

Before the Presidents address a bunch of races were already cancelled or postponed. Some of our runners were supposed to be in Tokyo and Paris, others more local like Two Oceans, Irene Ultra and Loskop Ultra. After the President’s address all gatherings of 100 people or more are prohibited, so no more races until after Easter and quite possibly longer. At the moment it’s touch and go.

So whats the plan? Some are left without a goal (Two Oceans) and some are left with uncertainty about theirs (Comrades Marathon). So for those who have no goal, the suggestion is sit down in a quiet place (you will have a lot of that) and think about what the possibilities ahead offer. Think about moving your goal to the next edition of your goal race in the following year and then adjust your training accordingly. In any case your training needs to change. If you are training for Comrades, there is no word yet on whether it’s a go, in fact substitutions opened yesterday so keep the current course and keep training. Another review will take place with a decision by 17 April.

For all our runners training for races other than Comrades and Two Oceans, these are not insignificant either. Keep up the training and when all is back to normal then you will be in a good space to achieve your goals.

During this time reflect on why you run, what you feel when you are out there on the road, trail or track. Think of why you love running so much and then get out and train.

So what to do to stay safe during training in this uncertain time? Here are some suggestions:

Rather outside than inside: It is best to train outside so for obvious reasons running is a great choice but, as many runners are becoming aware of, strength training is also important for improving your running, so what to do about going to the gym?

If you opt to go to the gym, then choose one of the gyms that are going above and beyond to make sure their equipment is sanitized. Rather do a prescribed workout than a class. Always make sure the equipment (weights, elastics, mats etc.) are sanitized before and after you use them. Keep 2m away from other gym patrons. Wear gloves if you can and wash your hands thoroughly after your session.

Of course training outside or in your own home is the best. Elsabé Hunter from Silverfox Transformations can provide virtual sessions for her clients and has great tips for training outside or at home. https://www.facebook.com/1034863556699933/posts/1452211731631778/?substory_index=0

Everything in moderation: Keep your training moderate to light threshold for the time being. Very intense and hard training sessions and training lasting longer than 1 hr 30 min can drop your immune systems, so check up with your coach if there is an option to lighten training or reduce the time period. If you need to train hard or long then shield yourself after training from chances of infection.

Make the circle smaller: When training in groups keep the following guidelines – No touching, no shaking hands, keep 2m away from each other at all times, keep snot rockets and spitting out of the mix unless you are alone and don’t come and train when you are sick or are have a higher risk of contracting illness.
The RacePace track groups are small and will follow these guidelines and there will additionally be hand sanitizer available for use. If you are coughing or ill, you will be sent home, no exceptions.

Food for thought: Take care of your nutrition, give your body what it needs to build a strong immune system. The following will help to build a nice robust immune system over time – Garlic, Ginger, Honey and Turmeric.
Bolster your diet with a quick acting supplement such as vitamin C.

Hygiene: This is a no-brainer but is of great importance, wash your hands regulary with soap and sanitizer. Keep a small sanitizer with you during runs in case you needs to disinfect for any reason. Don’t touch your face (this is tougher than it sounds).

Please Contact Clint for advice and or a training plan for your running or Elsabé for advice on your strength options during this period


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