Overcoming that Plateau

Asked? I’ve been running for 7 months now mainly running 5 and 10km races. I would like to achieve sub 20min for 5kms. I’m stuck on 23.30 minutes and don’t seem to be moving forward. What can I do? Answered You seem to have hit a plateau, possibly you have been doing the same training over and over. If your body gets used to the training that you are doing then it will stop adapting and progress no further. There are a few things that may help you to get…


Asked? How do you pace for a race? I’m doing my 1st 21km soon and have no idea how to approach it coming from a long run. I am so scared that I’ll hit a wall at the end (even on a 10km), and then find myself finishing a race with some fuel in the tank still. How to I switch from long run mode to race mode without tanking at the end?