Asked? How do you pace for a race? I’m doing my 1st 21km soon and have no idea how to approach it coming from a long run. I am so scared that I’ll hit a wall at the end (even on a 10km), and then find myself finishing a race with some fuel in the tank still. How to I switch from long run mode to race mode without tanking at the end?


Asked?  A lot has been written about nutrition for especially long distance runners. And every person/runner/athlete has an individual idea/plan for themselves. I find it difficult to work out what would work for me. I am preparing for a marathon, but I don’t often run further than 21 to 25 kms (I run 21/25 say 3 times per month). So when I run 33/35 I don’t know when and how much to eat/drink (before and during the training.) At approximately 25 kms I am totally “flat” – no energy, can…